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Ace Aviation, LLC is a first-rate flight school that serves residents located within the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Area.  We are recognized as providing customers the best flight training and flight lessons throughout the region.   Our flight instructors are acknowledged as being some of the best in the business.  They are well-known for possessing the talent and experience to deliver high quality flight training to all of their students.  We are also known for helping our students reach their goals of becoming pilots through Ace Aviation’s flight lessons. No matter if you are a novice or a veteran pilot; we have the most effective flight training for the most affordable prices.  At Ace Aviation flight school you will be taught by an FAA certified flight instructor.  Moreover, we provide a sensible pay-as-you-go payment plan with NO MONTHLY PAYMENTS for our students.  That is why our students understand that they can always rely upon our flight instructors to guide them smoothly through the flight training process. With our successful flight school classes, students are able to learn how to pilot a plane for a reasonable price and in fewer hours than they ever imagined.  Consequently, Ace Aviation sees quite a large number of students from Chesterfield enrolling in their flight school.


Chesterfield, MO Flight Training


Chesterfield, Missouri is a western suburb of the St. Louis Metro Area and is the largest city in West St. Louis County.  As of the 2010 census, Chesterfield’s population was 47,484 making it the 14th largest city in Missouri. Lately, Chesterfield has been experiencing a mass-construction boom.  Chesterfield residents, who are interested in getting a pilot’s license, immediately get in touch with Ace Aviation’s flight school.  Also, for those residents in Chesterfield who would love to give the gift of flying to a family member or close friend, really like the idea that Ace Aviation provides flight school gift certificates for purchase.  In addition to that, for the Chesterfield graduates of Ace Aviation’s program who wish to further their education by taking one of our refresher courses, we offer: Biannual Flight Reviews, Instrument and Commercial Training and Instrument Competency Checks.  Naturally, each of our flight school instructors is a highly-capable and well-trained former airline pilot.

Chesterfield, MO Flight Lessons

If you are thinking about learning how to pilot a plane, it’s high time that you got in touch with Ace Aviation’s flight training school.  Our requirements are sensible and our prices are too!  Students need to be at least 16 years old to enroll in our flight school and at least 17 years old by the time they complete their flight lessons at Ace Aviation.  In addition, students must be able to read, write, speak and understand the English language.  Our flight school’s flight training is composed of 40 hours of flight training time:

  Ø  20 hours of flight training with a flight instructor;

  Ø  10 hours of solo flying to complete tasks established by your flight instructor; and

  Ø  10 hours to perfect any areas that are less than adequate. 

To complete your course and to earn your Private Pilot Certificate, you are expected to pass written, oral and flight training tests that are administered by the FAA or a designated examiner at the end of your flight training classes.  For more information about our flight school program, give Ace Aviation a call at: (636) 485-0097 to book your flight lessons, today!  


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