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The allure of flying has been around for centuries. Today, the interest in flying is definitely on the increase.  Consequently, for you “wanna be pilots,” Ace Aviation, LLC has the answer to your quest to learn how to fly!  We have been providing the best flight training in our flight school for many years.  We have the finest flight instructors in the industry who have the requisite dedication to deliver your flight lessons.  We are also widely known for giving our trainees the option to achieve their aviation dreams and goals through flight lessons at our remarkable flight school.  Regardless if you are an inexperienced student or a seasoned pilot, we will offer you the most efficient flight training for a competitive price.  As a flight school attendee at Ace Aviation, you will get the necessary flight training from an FAA certified flight instructor.  If you happen to be interested in a flexible payment program, you are really going to like Ace Aviation’s options. We are recognized for having a reasonable pay-as-you-go flight training program with no monthly payments. Our clients understand they can always count on our flight instructors to assist them in navigating the flight training procedure. With our incredible flight school, students will learn how to pilot an airplane inexpensively and in fewer hours than they ever imagined possible.  It is no wonder that so many students from St. Charles have decided to enroll in Ace Aviation’s flight school.


St. Charles, MO Flight Training


St. Charles, Missouri is a city in and the County Seat of St. Charles County. the third most populous county located in east-central Missouri.  The population of St. Charles is close to 66,000, making St. Charles the second largest city in St. Charles County.  If a St. Charles resident is considering getting a pilot’s license, they get in touch with Ace Aviation’s flight school.  For persons who would like to give a gift of flight lessons for a St. Charles family member or dear friend, Ace Aviation, has flight school gift certificates available.  Moreover, for our recent flight school graduates from St. Charles who already have their pilot’s license, Ace Aviation also presents refresher courses like: Biannual Flight Reviews, Instrument and Commercial Training and Instrument Competency Checks.  Better yet, all of our flight school instructors are highly trained former airline pilots.


St. Charles, MO Flight Lessons


Becoming a pilot is much easier than you thought!  In order to qualify for our flight school program, you need to be at least 16 years old to enroll and at least 17 years old by the time you finish your flight training at Ace Aviation.  Further, all pupils must be proficient in reading, writing, speaking and understanding English.  Our flight school is composed of a total of 40 hours of flight training time at Ace Aviation:

  Ø  20 hours of flight training with a flight instructor;

  Ø  10 hours of solo flying to complete tasks established by your flight instructor; and

  Ø  10 hours to perfect any areas that are less than adequate. 

In addition to that, all flight school students are required to pass written, oral and flight training tests administered by the FAA or a designated examiner at the end of the flight training to earn their Private Pilot Certificates.  To find out how to enroll in our flight school programs, give Ace Aviation a call at: (636) 485-0097 to book your flight lessons, today!  


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