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Experience the thrill and excitement of aviation at Ace Aviation, LLC!  Our mission is to provide our customers the opportunity to attain their aviation dreams and goals through our flight training and flight instructions.  Regardless of you are a new student or seasoned pilot, we are here to provide you with top notch professional flight lessons at competitive prices.  When you enroll for flight training at Ace Aviation, you will receive professional instruction from an FAA certified flight instructor.  If you are interested in an adaptable payment program, you are going to like what Ace Aviation has to offer.  With no monthly payments and a pay-as-you-go program, we obviously have the most flexible payment options for flight lessons! You can count on our professional flight instructors to skillfully guide you through the flight training process. With our outstanding flight school, you will learn how to pilot an airplane in less time and for less money than what you might think possible.  It makes perfect sense that so many of our students in Ace Aviation flight school come from St. Louis County.


St. Louis County, MO Flight Training


St. Louis County, Missouri is part of the St. Louis Metropolitan Area.  It is the most populous county in Missouri with approximately 1,000,000 residents.  One of the most famous flights began its historic journey in this part of the world.  It was The Spirit of St. Louis – so named because Charles Lindbergh and his financial backers lived in St. Louis at the time! Whenever residents of St. Louis County are interested in earning their wings, they head straight away to Ace Aviation’s flight school.  They enjoy the wonderful experience of taking flight training in order to be able to pilot a plane thousands of feet in the air traveling hundreds of miles an hour!  For those individuals from St. Louis County who are looking to give a gift to that person who has everything, Ace Aviation also makes flight training gift certificates available.  In the event you are already a pilot, we provide Biannual Flight Reviews, Instrument and Commercial Training, as well as Instrument Competency Checks to our St. Louis County flight school graduates.  Our St. Louis County students receive instruction from highly experienced flight instructors who are former airline pilots.


St. Louis County, MO Flight Lessons


In order to qualify for a Private Pilot Certification, students must be 16 years of age to enroll and 17 years of age at the time they complete their flight training at Ace Aviation.  In addition, students must be able to read, write, speak and understand the English language.  Ace Aviation’s flight training consists of 40 hours of total flight time.  That breaks down as follows:

  Ø  20 hours of flight training with flight instructor;

  Ø  10 hours of solo flying to accomplish tasks set forth by the flight instructor; and

  Ø  Final 10 hours to perfect any weak areas set forth by the flight instructor and student. 

To earn a Private Pilot Certificate, the flight school student must pass a written, oral and flight training test administered by the FAA or a designated examiner at the end of the flight training to earn a Private Pilot Certificate.  If you are interested in learning more about how to enroll in flight school, give Ace Aviation a call at: (636) 485-0097 to book your flight lessons, today!  


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