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Ace Aviation, LLC is widely acknowledged throughout the Greater St, Louis Metropolitan Area as the leading flight school.  We are well known for providing the best flight training and flight lessons in the Midwest.  Our flight instructors are the top in the industry, and they are recognized as having the necessary background and experience to deliver your flight lessons.  We have been helping our students reach their goals for many years.   Even if you are a novice student, we will treat you to the most efficient flight training for an affordable price.  At Ace Aviation, you can count on being taught by an FAA certified flight instructor.  Also, we have an incredible pay-as-you-go flight training program so you don’t have to make monthly payments!  Our customers know they can always depend upon our flight instructors to help them through the flight training process. At our incredible flight school, students not only learn how to pilot an airplane at an affordable price, but they also learn how to fly a plane in fewer hours than they thought possible.  That’s the reason so many St. Peters residents have decided to become students at Ace Aviation’s flight school.


St. Peters, MO Flight Training


St. Peters, Missouri is a city in St. Peters County. The population of St. Peters is nearly 53,000, tying St. Peters with Blue Spring, Missouri for tenth place.  Whenever St. Peters’ residents are trying to get a pilot’s license, they come to Ace Aviation’s flight school.  And, for those individuals who are interested in giving a gift certificate to a hard-to-please-person, a gift of flight lessons at Ace Aviation flight school would be just perfect!  Further, for flight school graduates from St. Peters who have earned their pilot’s license, Ace Aviation also offers refresher courses such as: Biannual Flight Reviews, Instrument and Commercial Training and Instrument Competency Checks.  You will also be pleased to learn that our flight school instructors are all highly skilled former airline pilots.


St. Peters, MO Flight Lessons


The prerequisites to enrolling in our flight school are that students must be at least 16 years old and at least 17 years old by the time they conclude their flight training at Ace Aviation.  All students must also be able to read, write, speak and understanding the English language.  Our flight school offers 40 hours of total flight training time at Ace Aviation:

  Ø  20 hours of flight training with a flight instructor;

  Ø  10 hours of solo flying to complete tasks established by your flight instructor; and

  Ø  10 hours to perfect any areas that are less than adequate. 

Finally, flight school students must be able to pass written, oral and flight training tests which are administered by the FAA or a designated examiner at the conclusion of the flight training in order to earn their Private Pilot Certificates.  To get more information about how to become a student at Ace Aviation flight school, give us a call at: (636) 485-0097 to book your flight lessons, today!  


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